San Francisco, USA

Kiosk is a pioneering Iranian rock band founded by Arash Sobhani in Tehran in 2003. After censorship and restriction by Iranian authorities, its musicians immigrated to the U.S. and Canada. The band has since toured throughout the world and released eight albums. Kiosk is known for its satirical lyrics, which provide a socio-political commentary of life in Iran, as well as its blend of several music styles, from Iranian folk to gypsy jazz to rock. Kiosk's music has been described by BBC World as ``songs that speak to a generation``.
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London, UK

Ajam is a London based band that formed in early 2010. Ajam’s music tries to bring the epic and soulful spirit of the native music of Iran to a new generation. The band’s repertoire comprises of original pieces that are set to a post-modern soundscape of traditional, rural and tribal instruments fused with urban and rock beats and bass lines and production sensibilities. Ajam’s performance style is inspired by different elements of Iranian ‘people’s’ music such as street and market place performances, music related to traditional sports and competitions, religious passion-plays and ritualistic performances and recitals.
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Stockholm, Sweden

Abjee is Persian slang for sister and that’s just what they are ``The Abjeez``, the sisters Melody & Safoura Safavi.
Although they started writing songs in the late 90s they didn't form their band until 2005.

The intention of their work has always been to be an inspiring alternative force in the Persian pop music/culture.

After a few successful years of touring in Europe, Canada & U.S.A. the sisters decided to re-shape the band in order to be able to explore new artistic ventures. Safoura perused her studies in Performance art and Sound-design at Stockholm University of the Arts and the Abjeez are now back again with their newly released third album ``Paa Sho`` (Stand Up) that was partly recorded in Costa Rica and Stockholm 2016. Currently the sisters based in Stockholm and New York have just completed their 7 cities North American Tour and are preparing for upcoming productions and events in 2018.

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Aida Shahghasemi

Minneapolis, USA

Aida Shahghasemi is a Minneapolis based vocalist and musician. She studied Psychology and Anthropology at University of Minnesota with a focus on the restrictions of the voices of female vocalists in Iran, where she was born and raised until the age of thirteen. She received her Masters degree from New York University in Art and Public Policy, exploring her interests in the intersection of art and socio-political movements. She has worked with different New York and Minnesota based social justice art organizations and has served as an assistant director at Hamline University's Making Waves Social Justice Theatre Troupe. She is a recipient of 2017 McKnight music fellowship.
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Erwin Khachikian & Karmandan

Los Angeles, USA

Karmandan, in Farsi, translates to blue-collar office workers. The songs are written and produced by Erwin Khachikian, an Iran/Armenian raised in America. Performed in Farsi, English, and Armenian, Karmandan’s song subject-matter reflects modern life issues and concerns; from the pressures of plastic surgery for a media-accepted look, to making an attempt to understand others’ differences to respect one another for a better place for all to live.
The band has performed and appeared on nationally acclaimed networks such as BBC numerous times, and they have performed sold out shows and festivals both in and outside of the USA. Since the official release of their debut album, their unique stage look and videos have grabbed the attention of many.

Erwin Khachikian activities in the music scene go beyond touring, recording, managing, booking and promoting. Years of experience in the field, has give him the awareness and the right contacts to manage projects in entirety with creative branding and execution.

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King Raam

Vancouver, Canada

Raam is an Iranian/Canadian musician. He started his musical career as the singer/songwriter/founder of Hypernova, a post-punk band in New York, which was born in the undergrounds of Tehran in the early 2000's. After some modest success with Hypernova, he decided to pursue a solo career under the name of ``King Raam.`` After several years of adventures between Toronto, New York, London, Los Angeles and Tehran, Raam has moved back to Vancouver to begin the next chapter of his life.
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Fared Shafinury

Austin, USA

Born in a small town along the Gulf of Mexico, and classically trained on
the cello, Shafinury later unearthed a deep-rooted love for the music of his
parents’ homeland – the traditional vocal/instrumental repertoire known as
the radiff. His compositions thus move against the current, by retracing
the arc from West to East. In his hands, the setar, an Eastern cousin
of the guitar, and Fared’s virtuoso specialty, yearns not for a departure
from Iranian form nor the emulation of Western genres, but arrival at the
point where binaries and boundaries bleed and blend until they dissolve
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