Kiosk the Band

at TabestoonFest 2018 in Vancouver!


Kiosk the Band

Kiosk is a pioneering Iranian rock band founded by Arash Sobhani in Tehran in 2003. Kiosk is known for its satirical lyrics, which provide a socio-political commentary of life in Iran, as well as its blend of several music styles, from Iranian folk to gypsy jazz to rock. The name of the band, Kiosk, stems from the original formation of the group in Tehran, when its members gathered together in any possible makeshift space or “Kiosk” to play their music without fear of arrest. Current Kiosk members include: Arash Sobhani (Vocal, Guitar, Songwriter), Ali Kamali (Bass, Recording Engineer), Mohammad Talani (Guitar)

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To Ro Mikham

Varda Bebar

Agha! Nigah Dar

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Royal Canadian Legion
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