Tabestoon Festival

As Amazing As Ever!

3rd Biennial Contemporary Iranian Arts and Music Festival is coming to Vancouver & Calgary!

Connecting People Together

Tabestoon Festival (/tah-bes-toon/ – /ˈtʌ bɜːs tuːn/; Summer in Farsi) is a vibrant and diverse multi-platform artistic festival devoted to fostering the rich creative tastes of the new generation of Iranian youth in North American diaspora communities, aiming to radically reimagine artistic innovation and unite people by spreading love and joy.

Dance Performances

Prepare to be mesmerized by the fluid and highly emotional spirit of Persian dances that tell tales of ancient beliefs and rituals.

One of a kind Experience

Creating unique memories to be cherished for ever!

Music Performances

Featuring live music performances for every taste and generation ranging from classical santur to fusion rock and live electronic music

Arts and Exhibitions

Take a peak into Iran’s dynamic modern art scene through our exhibition of works by local and global artists including calligraphy, photography, painting, and video.

Family Fun

For all ages and all tastes, Tabestoon Festival is sure to have something to offer!

Iranian Cuisine

Tantalize your taste buds with the taste and aroma of cardamom, rosewater, and saffron as you treat yourself to an elaborate variety of regional cuisine.

Save the Dates… Mark your calendars!

August 24 2018: Calgary Royal Canadian Legion

August 25 2018: Tabestoon Magic Spirit Cruise

August 26 2018: The Pier and Shipyards


August 25 & 26 2018


August 24, 2018